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racks available in 1, 2 or 3 bottle depths

attractively display your

collection and find

specific bottles with ease.

vintage view® wine racks are ideal for wine storage.  their patented design boasts the maximum wine storage per square foot. this design also allows for the best airflow for ideal climate control conditions to store and properly age your wine.  the design also allows you to attractively display the labels, allowing you to select the appropriate bottle conveniently.  racks are available that mount to the wall, are free standing, or mount from floor to ceiling, so installation options are endless. mixed with other medium, racks can be used to complement the most elegant wine cellar.  tru woodcraft can supply you with the proper amount of racking for your store, restaurant, home, or design and install the wine cellar of your dreams! 

maximum air flow through bottles

ideal for climate control and wine storage